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We can help you achieve compliance for your assets. We can provide:
  • IQP to check your buildings SS15.2, 15.3, 15.4 & 15.5 features
  •  PS3 producer statement
  • 3rd party review of passive fire protection works
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Passive Fire Protection in your building
Screenshot_2014-06-17-10-03-53_dbh.pngWhose responsiblity?
  • the IQP?
  • local authority?
  • regional authority?
  • tenants?
  • maintenance man?
  • neighbours?
Let us help you protect your investment and your tenants while ensuring you are compliant with the New Zealand Building code.

Costs in perspective

Ultimately, your can't afford NOT to have adequate passive fire protection!

The value of lives, property and assets...... read more

The building inspectors perspective

Author Stephen King, Quality Assurance Officer

A Building Inspectors overview of passive fire protection with 11 years experience in Building Control and 30 years in the industry.Passive fire protection is a relatively new field in the industry.
Over the last few years, a large number of different systems and products have come on more


Best practice ... ever wondered?

Here is what they do in Australia, something to ponder perhaps!

what may it lead to ..... read more

Fire safety signed off for a price

Building owners are shopping around to get sub-standard fire safety systems signed off by independent fire safety inspectors, industry insiders allege.  The Sunday Star-Times has uncovered systemic issues with fire safety in New Zealand buildings, including non-compliant sprinkler systems, alarms and passive fire systems.

A number of secret settlements have been struck between Auckland-based body corporates and fire certifiers for the signoff of sub-standard fire systems .... read more

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